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Don't be lead by the hand by the clergy, intellectuals or by academia.
I'm not a man of the cloth but I know the bible and understand other philosophical thinkings.
I'm not an intellectual by any means but I'm no dummy. Self taught with some college, I'm more a student of life, love and people. A master of none.
Education is important but without practical experience, education is just philosophy without works. I toil in everyday work much as everyone else. All the time improving my education and philosophy of life.

The girls, My wife, & Myself

Don't worry they say I clean up really good

Newly Ordained Spiritual Humanist Chaplain Daniel R. Melendez.
Don't settle for the old dogmatic, religious and civic wedding with me you can design your own vows, and if you'd like I can help, you can have your own theme wedding too. I would love to officiate your next;
Wedding Ceremony,
Renewal Ceremony,
Commitment Ceremony,
Affirmation of Love Ceremony,
Handfasting Ceremony,
Small, Medium, Large, or
Alternative weddings all are welcomed.
Need a place? I can arrange for a small place that holds about 35 sittings, or at your place of choice. Call or e-mail for pricing and available dates.  Call today.

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817-909-5848 if no answer,
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What's New

New Rules for a Good Marriage

Wedding Advice Gone Wrong

PJ and Rowdy "The Boys"
We just call them Family

Other Services I provide;
Baby Naming
Holiday Ceremonies


In an effort to keep this a viable method for me to continue in this work and in an effort to help me help others in need all donations are graciously and greatfully appreciated and accepted.

We help with donations to; Race for the Cure, Junior Diabetes Research Fund, American Heart Association, Womens Shelter, St Jude Hospital. If not directly via collection representatives. I plan to ride the MS150 in '08, wish me luck! We're not limited to any one organisation nor are we necesarrily associated with them. We're just trying to do our best to help as many as we can by whatever means. If there's a race/run you'd like to contribute to but aren't physically able to we might could arrange to do that, you'd have to provide the monetary and logistical needs.

.I'm attempting to acquire some property in an effort to design a animal and human sancturary. Where the animals can live naturally and humans can have a place for meditation and being at one with nature. All procedes for this are greatly appreciated and will be for the purchase and maintenace of this property.

Blessed Be, Love Daniel


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Cattledogs, not for the weary

Cattledogs, not for the weary

Blessed Be