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Non-Religious Wedding

What is a Non-Religious Wedding?

Just exactly what is a Non-Religious Wedding, well that'll depend on who you ask. I've seen civic and secular weddings have the mention of GOD or some other diety.
What is meant here by non-religious for all intenional purposes, here it is a wedding that would look much like this; It is run very similar to a regular traditional, contmeporary marriage with most of the ceremonies the same. The only exception being that there is no mention of GOD.
That isn't to say that it's an anti-God ceremony or stance. Just the fact that GOD is not mentioned in the ceremony, nor is a god summoned or prayed to. There is no diety of any kind mentioned nor that of any prophet either. No Buddha, no Jesus, no Mohamid, no Vishnu, no god of any kind, nor goddesses or the like.
You are more than welcomed to recite a prayer or scripture yourself if you'd like or have some one from the wedding party recite it. It just won't be a function of mine, I have no problem reciting a passage from any holy text as long as there in no mention of a god or prophet and it does in no way ellude to having to believe in a god or prophet.
Being a Spiritual Humanist the wedding can take on a humanist form praising the improvement of the human condition by human means and spirit. If this is the wedding you're looking for then I will do everything within my ability to help you have the happiest and most memorable wedding possible.
This type of wedding could appeal to free thinkers, brights, people who feel religion is a personal matter, atheist, agnostics, couples of differing religious backgrounds, or humanist. Thank you for your time.
Love Chaplain Daniel R. Melendez

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